Singing with Ease


What is Speech Level Singing?

How to sing using Speech Level Singing (SLS) is a way to sing that’s natural and easy…like speaking. Your singing sounds like your voice, without stress or strain, with easy to understand words and beautiful tone quality.

When we speak we don’t worry about pitch or loudness and softness so SLS doesn’t mean we sing exactly like we speak. But it does mean that our singing is as relaxed and easy as our speaking is…or should be.

Seth Riggs of Los Angeles, CA created Speech Level Singing. As of 1985 Seth’s students had won over 120 Grammys. His students include singing greats Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Josh Groban (first album), Ray Charles, and 100’s more.

Seth Riggs Defines Speech Level Singing

Seth recently gave this simple definition. “Speech Level Singing is the refusal to reach.”

SLS trains you not to reach for high pitches which means the larynx stays at a speech level position. This allows the vocal cords to adjust as the pitches go up or down without disconnecting.

That means the cords stay connected, so you have no breaks, cracks, breathiness or falsetto no matter how high or low you sing.

There’s no interruption in the tone quality because the voice is balanced. There’s no tension or squeeze from the external (or outer) neck muscles.  

This produces great singing. The vocal cords develop their own intrinsic power because the larynx is staying down and there’s no interference from the swallowing muscles.

In recent years Seth has placed an added emphasis on breathing with the assistance of the diaphragm. This low breath creates the friendly “compression of support”.

Learn the technique today!

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