Learn how to use your voice to the fullest. Whether you have been singing for 50 years, or just starting, we have a technique that works for everyone and teaches you how to sing the healthiest and easiest way.

The OKC Vocal Studios works in association with other studios to record, mix, and master your original songs, covers, or demos. Shoot us an email to learn more about our studio and pricing.

What Our Clients say

With this technique I learned to sing better and easier than i ever thought I could, I wish everyone knew how fun and easy singing can be. I thought I already knew everything I could learn about singing, but this technique changed my world and lessons were so much fun!

Payton Jackson

Sophia is a very professional and fun coach, her guidance and lessons are very helpful in achieving the best skills I can acquire to be a better singer and performer. I always come out of lessons having learned something new and ready to show some effort in my growing talent. Thanks to Sophia Massad Studios I can explore the wonderful possibilities through her singing techniques and extend my limitations of musical ability even further than I hoped.

Mary Barberg

Taking vocal lessons with Sophia was awesome, she was so upbeat and helped with my confidence and helped me learn how to be a better artist and performer overall. It wasn't just a vocal lesson, but a lesson on artistry and development and my voice is much clearer and singing with much more comfortable. I hit notes I never thought I could hit.

Reese Mathers

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